About Us

Tim Wesely
Broker / Sales Manager

Mission: REliance Partners provides uniquely reliable expertise and timely, coordinated services that address the specialized real estate needs and concerns of buyers, sellers and agents.

Culture (The strongly-held and visibly demonstrated values and beliefs that drive the behavior of a group):

REliance Partners consistently demonstrates a culture of:

1. Reliability:

  • Customers and agents can rely on us to anticipate, identify and respond to their needs
  • We rely on each other in order to provide dependable, timely expertise and services to customers

2. Accountability: We feel and demonstrate a strong sense of responsibility for:

  • Customer and agent satisfaction
  • Our performance and that of the team
  • The success of the business

3. Accessibility: We value being available to customers and to each other as needed.

4. Adaptability: We strive to adjust quickly to changes in the industry, in the market, and in customer needs.

5. Caring: We feel and demonstrate concern for and interest in:

  • The quality/accuracy of our work
  • Each other
  • Our community

6. Creativity: We value and endorse the ability to address situations and issues innovatively, and to develop more efficient and effective ways of doing things.

What is the most important trait of your company’s philosophy towards client service and satisfaction?

The most important trait is the sense of urgency – in anticipating, identifying and responding to customer and agent needs – that fuels our efforts, drives our performance and enables us to lead the industry in "response-ability."

What sets your company apart from the competition? Our understanding of the real estate industry’s conventions, and our commitment to transforming them. Specifically:

From an agent-centered to client-centered business model: We believe that the customer is the center of the real estate transaction. Typically, the industry views the agent or broker as the "hub," the source of information, the center of activity; but technology has changed that, providing customers with access to information and data that used to be the purview of the agent alone. Rather than fearing this newfound customer power, REliance Partners embraces it as an opportunity to engage, partner with, and support the customer as never before.

From a "shared services" model to a "coordinated care" approach to client and agent needs

Historically, day-to-day real estate activities – answering phones, forwarding leads, providing information and data, following up on agent requests, etc. – have been shared by multi-tasking individuals, often on an as-available basis. The result has been less than optimal for everyone concerned. REliance Partners replaces this model with a well-trained, highly cohesive group of professionals powered by processes, training and support that increase their responsiveness and reliability, and guarantee greater customer satisfaction.

What community or charitable activities is your company known for (or should be known for)?

Reliance Partners puts all of their charitable efforts into "local" community sources. We will be known as a consistent supporter of the local schools through college scholarships and fund raising efforts for after school sports activities. In addition we will partner with Battle at the Capital to help raise funds and awareness for Wounded Warriors, a non-profit company that provides resources and support for disabled veterans who have been injured on the battlefield.

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